About Us Basic


The promoters are highly experienced and qualified young Engineers and agriculture specialist who have been involving in mechanization of agriculture in order to increase production and ease of farming since 2009 in the country. Therefore, we are dedicated to supply quality agricultural equipment, tractors, mini tillers, seeds ,fertilizers and feeding system of livestock in reasonable price. On the other hand, we will be providing required training to the local farmers as well as local mechanics.

The president of AMC engineering Solutions, Er. Sabindra Niwas Tripathi has been working in agriculture mechanisation in the country since over the last five years. During the time of Shankar Group, he had introduced Shineray tractor for the first time in the country. He has sound technical knowledge of agriculture machines and he has gained full admiration from the farmers of the country. He had travelled every corners of the country and advocated for the use of Mini tillers, Tractors rather than stick with traditional farming methods.

After the successful two years’ service in Shankar Group, he moved to Narayani Machnes as a country head for Jogofo brand. During the year in Narayani machines, he played a crucial role to provide 50% subsidy from the government to the farmers for Jogofo Mini-tillers. He contributed about three years in Narayani Machines for mechanisation of agriculture. From the previous experience, in the leadership of Er. Sabindra Niwas Tripathi, AMC Engineering Solutions and Developers has been established to launch quality agro machines for modern farming.



Provide agriculture specialist, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Computer engineering ,  related consultancy services for technology and entrepreneurship development


Importing and supplying quality agricultural tools , seeds and equipment to promote modern farming.


Conduct training, seminars, conference, research and development particularly in Agriculture for poverty alleviation and capacity building