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The future plan of AMC Solution and Developers P. Ltd is opening up an Agricultural Non-profit Organization which will assist farmers of the country and play important role in mechanization of traditional farming systems.

The name of the organization will be NABA which will advocate to use Agro-machines to the farmers. The organisation will take initiative to bring revolution in existing traditional farming system with the national slogan “Ps uf]7 Ps P=Pd=;L xft] 6«ofS6/”. As we all know that the traditional farming process is going to be absolute which cannot fulfil the current demand of the country. The benefits from the agricultural farming is not enough to run the day to day family life in the country. As a result, youth group of the country has been migrating for foreign employment. According to the national data, more than 4, 00,000 youth left the country so far for employment and the rate is in increasing order. They are forced to do very risky jobs just for the money. Due to the fact that every day two coffins of our brothers and sisters deliver in Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). On the other hand, we are importing huge quantity of food grains and vegetables from India, China and other neighbouring countries.

Therefore, here is huge opportunity in modern agricultural development which can help to produce required food and vegetables in the country. Alternatively, we can create millions of jobs and we do not need to go to Middle East.

NABA as a non-profit organization willing to assist farmers in mechanization of traditional farming trend. The organization will act as a bridging body to all the farmers in order to access government subsidy. And also, it will provide training to the farmers how to use the agro machines, how to fix attachments and how to use machines safely. Besides these, collaboration with other INGOs and NGOs, AMC- Nepal will distribute to the very poor farmers in the country.

In conclusion, NABA will work to uplift the modern agricultural development so as to reduce the poverty of the country.

Attention of the NABA will be on the following major tasks:

  • Fully emphasis on use of Mini-Tillers , seeds live stock feeding , vegetable poly house to the farmers.
  • Distribution of Agro Equipment to the poor farmers and to the family whose member is died during foreign employment.
  • Attracting farmers in modern farming systems.
  • Providing training of mechanisation to the farmers and local mechanics.
  • Facilitate farmers for getting government subsidy.
  • Attempt to cover the farmers of all 75 district in mechanisation (Mountain, Hills, Tarai) of farming systems.