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  • Easy to transport

    A two wheel makes it easy to roll the tiller to and from the garden. And when it’s time to start tilling, the wheels are easily retractable or removable.

    Other brands offer transport wheels as optional equipment. But transport wheels are standard equipment on all AMC mini-tiller and mid-tine tillers.

    You’ll also find the front engine guards to be a convenient lift handle and tie down location.

  • Outstanding dealer support

    Amc tillers are backed by a comprehensive warranty and the best dealer network in Nepal.  With all over Nepal authorized  dealers nationwide, finding a local dealer is easy.  And getting the best in class service is never in doubt.

    • Parts and service support are readily available
    • Our dealers offer trained staff ready to support you
  • Easy and comfortable to use

    Whether you’re purchasing a tiller for farmed  use or for your rental fleet, you’ll appreciate the easy to use design of Amc tillers.

    • Intuitive controls

      The controls on Amc tillers are simple and straightforward, even for a first time user. Controls are ergonomically designed for more comfortable operation and reduced fatigue.

      The engine stop switch, throttle lever and tine engagement lever are positioned for the operator to quickly reach.

    • Lower vibration = less fatigue

      Our engines have lower vibration than most competitors’, so our tillers are more comfortable to use.  And keep in mind, lower vibration also results in longer life for your product.  It’s a win-win situation.

    • Well-balanced design

      amc tillers are perfectly balanced, which improves both maneuverability and performance.

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